Where to Take Yoga for Runners Classes in Philly This Month

To enhance your performance when you're pounding the pavement



It’s easy to forget the value of cross-training when you’re working up to a big race where all you’ll be doing is running for hours on end. But it’s important not to skimp on activities that can strengthen muscles that running just doesn’t hit. In the end, substituting a yoga class for a run every now and then could make you a better runner down the line.

And that’s where these classes come in: To help folks prep for the Broad Street Run (or any spring race, really), a few Philly yoga studios are hosting runner-focused yoga series this month, with postures designed to strengthen the muscles that matter most and enhance your performance when you’re pounding the pavement. And a few of these studios offer yoga for runners classes year-round, so even if you aren’t running in Broad Street, take note.

Where: Bombay Yoga Company, 756 South 11th Street, Bella Vista.
When: Fridays at 12 p.m.
What: Yoga for Cyclists (and Runners!)

This class is labeled as Yoga for Cyclists, but instructor Justine Bacon, whose specialty is yoga for runners and cyclists, tells us the class is geared toward runners, too. So don’t let the name scare you off!

Where: Duross & Langel Studio, 109 South 13th Street, Midtown Village.
When: Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. from April 14th through April 28th.
What: Yoga for Broad Street Runners

This three-part yoga series is designed to get Broad Street runners race-day ready, with three classes strengthening different areas, from the abs to the hamstrings to the hips. You can sign up for one class or the whole series. Learn more about the series here.

Where: Gracy and Glory Yoga, 100 West Oxford Street, Olde Kensington.
When: Sundays at 1 p.m. from April 12th through April 26th.
What: Yoga for Runners Workshop

This three-week-long workshop is geared toward all runners, but the timing aligns perfectly with folks prepping for Broad Street. You can expect the same type of hot power-yoga class you’d usually get at Grace and Glory, with movements to “keep you footloose and pounding the pavement for many years to come” thrown in the mix. You can drop in to a single session, but if you sign up for the whole shebang you save $15. Learn more about the series here.

Where: Prana House Yoga, 385 West Lancaster Avenue, Suite 201, Haverford.
When: Sundays at 7:30 a.m. from April 5 through April 26th.
What: Yoga for Runners Four-Week Series

You might’ve missed the boat on the first class of this series, but no biggie: There are still three classes left! This early Sunday-morning class is designed so that you can get some running-friendly yoga in before you head out for your long weekend run — and you’ll leave each class with an arsenal of post-run recovery postures, too. Learn more about the series here.

Where: Priya Hot Yoga, 1828 Callowhill Street, Fairmount.
When: Tuesdays at 5:45 p.m.
What: Hot Vinyasa for Runners and Cyclists

This class isn’t labeled as Yoga for Runners on the schedule, but trust us — it is! The 75-minute hot vinyasa class is tailored to runners and cyclists each and every Tuesday.

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