The Checkup: The Sriracha Lover’s Must-See Guide to Cooking 



• If Sriracha is your go-to condiment for everything from soup to ice cream (Little Baby’s Sriracha Earl Grey ice cream, anyone?), you’ll love these recipes: 50 healthy recipes — ranging from breakfast to dessert, and everything in between —  that are all made better by Sriracha. Plus, how to make a batch of the beloved hot sauce yourself. [Greatist]

Nut “cheese” boards have been popping up everywhere as late. Here, a look at how these nut bries chevres are made. [NPR]

• Super useful products that make getting ready for work after a sweat session a breeze. It IS possible! [Fit Bottomed Girls]

• Just one more reason to venture out into the Wissahickon this week: Because Bill Nye (you know, the Science Guy), says you should. [Huffington Post]

• Breaking news, people: Ikea food courts now have vegetarian meatballs. Feel free to squeal with joy. [Popsugar Food]

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