How to Win a Free Bib for This Year’s Broad Street Run

There’s still hope!

Blue Cross Broad Street Run

Blue Cross Broad Street Run | Photo by Jeff Fusco

If you didn’t get into this year’s Broad Street Run, get ready to squeal because Independence Blue Cross is giving you a second shot at getting your hands on a bib. Through Sunday, April 12th, they’re running a photo contest to give away race bibs to 10 very lucky folks for May 3rd race.

Here’s the catch: In order to win a free bib, you have to have run — or at least been at — the race in the past. The guidelines of the contest say, “Send us a picture of you from a previous Blue Cross Broad Street Run,” but we’re guessing if you have a photo of yourself cheering folks on, that’ll do, too. Worth a try, right?

To get in on the chance to win a bib (which you can only use for yourself, by the way), you can either submit your photo here, or upload a photo to Instagram or Twitter with #BCBSRBib. The 10 winners will be picked at random after April 12th. Now, here’s to hoping you didn’t totally ditch your training plan.

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