The Fitness Classes Beyoncé Will Love If She Moves to Philly

If the rumors are true and Beyoncé moves to Philly, this is where you'll find her.



There’s a rumor floating around that Beyoncé and Jay Z purchased a nearly $20 million condo at 500 Walnut Street. Key word here is rumor — but I’m going to go ahead and keep my hopes up.

When I heard said rumor, the first thing I thought was, “OMG, when she gets here, I am going to FIND her.” Total stalker? Without a doubt. But it got me thinking about where one might just so happen to stumble into Queen Bey if/when she moves to town. Here are the six fitness classes in Philly I think she’d like best.

Keep in mind, this is IF Beyoncé ever decides to leave the $17.6 million penthouse mansion — with a 50-foot indoor pool and spa! — she supposedly purchased in Old City. Which is not very likely. Because, why would you ever leave? 

What: The Bootylicious Beyoncé Twerkshop
Where: Philly Dance Fitness

Philly Dance Fitness used to host Beyoncé-themed dance classes and Twerkshop classes separately. Amazing, right? Then, back in August, they combined the two for a 90-minute workshop filled with popping, grinding, and shaking — all of which Beyoncé is a world-renowned pro at. So, of course, if she were to move here, she would be spotted teaching this workshop on the regular, because no one teaches a Beyoncé Twerkshop like Queen Bey herself.

What: Namaste for Dinner
Where: Love Me Do Photography Studio

It’s no secret Bey loves herself some vegan food: she basically shouted her love of kale from the rooftops in her last music video, and she started her very own vegan delivery meal service, after all. So we’re betting she’d want to scope out the vegan food scene in Philly, and this vegan yoga-and-dinner series (going through April) would be the perfect place to start.

What: Be Well Philly Underground
Where: Secret locations (duh)

Since Beyoncé’s already a member of the hush-hush Illuminati (joking, people!), it only seems natural she’d join an underground fitness group to get her sweat on. Plus, it would be a great way for the new Philly resident to meet people — because making friends in a new city is rough, even when you’re the #Flawless Queen Bey.

What: Boxing Fitness
Where: Joltin’ Jabs

Beyoncé is clearly a fan of boxing, says this Instagram video. And Joltin’ Jabs, which boasts clients like Cecily Tynan and Charles Barkley, is the place to go if you’re famous in Philly.

What: Tight End
Where: Lithe Method

Beyoncé is famous for many things: being amazing in concert (if you need proof, there’s this); naming her baby after a primary color; and her booty — just to name a few. And to keep one of her famed assets (sorry, had to) in tip-top shape, she’d without a doubt be hitting up this booty-centric Lithe Method class.

What: Family Yoga
Where: Mama’s Wellness Joint

Because Blue and Jay have to get their move on, too. Duh.

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