The Checkup: Science Says You Should Watch More Comedies (for Your Waistline)

And more healthy reads to start your week.



• If cry-watching Blue Valentine is hobby of yours (feel no shame, I am totally with you), you might want to make a conscious effort to start watching more comedies instead. A new study found that people eat as much as 55 percent more when they’re watching a sad movie than when they’re watching a comedy. Yikes. [Huffington Post

• This fitness app makes every run a charity run: They donate 25 cents to a charity of your choice for every mile you run or walk — even if you’re just walking the dog. [Outside]

• Making lemon water (which does the body all kinds of good) might sound like the easiest task ever. Just squeeze some lemon juice into a glass of water, right? Not so much. Here’s how to make lemon water so that you reap the most health benefits. [Charlotte’s Book]

• If you’re training for Broad Street, consider this required reading: Three easy tips to avoid getting injured during training. [Daily Burn]

• This healthy french toast is the stuff breakfast dreams are made of. [Women’s Health]

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