The Checkup: The Secret Ingredients That Make Guacamole the Best Winter Snack Ever



• If you think guacamole is a strictly-summertime snack, think again. This recipe gives guacamole a seasonal twist with the help of winter squash and roasted pears. Mmmm. Who else will be whipping this up this weekend? [BLDG 25]

• This is so freakin’ cool you guys: This little heart-shaped produce-saving gadget, still in the crowd-funding stages, could make your fruits and veggies last three times as long. [Co.Exist]

• All it takes is a dash of one of these pantry staples to make your meal a bit more weight-loss friendly: The six best spices for weight loss. [Yahoo]

• A workout that doubles as a back massage? Yes, please. [Women’s Health]

• Calling all Flywheel fans: New music-based spin classes might make their way on to the studio’s class roster sometime soon. [Well + Good]

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