5 Ways to Eat Nutella for Breakfast Without Feeling Guilty

Because who doesn't want more Nutella in their life?

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Question: When was the last time you wished you had more Nutella in your life? Probably this morning, right? I figured as much. Trust us, you are not alone. But before you try to get more of the hazelnut spread in your life by grabbing a jar and the biggest spoon you can find, read this: We’ve found five breakfast recipes, all starring Nutella, that don’t have that whole spoon-and-jar effect. In other words, these recipes won’t make you ask yourself “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” right after you eat them. In fact, some of these breakfast dishes are pretty darn good for you, Nutella and all. You can thank us later.

Nutella Yogurt Parfait Popsicles

Photo via Baking a Moment

Nutella Yogurt Parfait Popsicles // Get the recipe

These breakfast popsicles are basically your morning bowl of granola in frozen form. And, like your morning bowl of granola, this recipe doesn’t require a whole lot of effort. The only ingredients you need to whip up these pops are Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, granola and Nutella. How’s that for the best on-the-go breakfast ever?

Photo via White on Rice Couple

Photo via White on Rice Couple

No-Bake Fruit and Nut Bars with Nutella // Get the recipe

These sweet bars are loaded with dried apricots, cherries, roasted almonds, dark chocolate and Nutella. Mmmmm.

Photo via Pinch of Yum

Photo via Pinch of Yum

Almond Oat Banana Crepes with Nutella // Get the recipe

And I officially know what I’ll be making for brunch this weekend: These healthier crepes are made with almond meal and old-fashioned oats, filled with bananas and topped off with a drizzle of Nutella — but not quite a big enough drizzle to make you feel bad.

Gimme Some Oven

Gimme Some Oven

Nutella Energy Bites // Get the recipe

These Nutella bites are quite literally little balls of energy. They’re loaded with all sorts of good stuff like chia seeds, flax seeds, oats, shredded coconut and, of course, Nutella. Bonus: They require absolutely zero baking time.

Nutella Overnight Oats

Photo via My Whole Food Life

Nutella Overnight Oats // Get the recipe

To make these overnight oats, all you have to do is throw some oats, almond milk, Nutella, chia seeds and flax meal into a mason jar, mix it up, pop it into the fridge overnight, and BAM: Come 7 a.m., you’ve got the best breakfast ever.

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