The Checkup: 8 Mind Tricks You Can Use to Finally Become a Morning Person

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• Waking up early just plain sucks — but it doesn’t have to. Make use of one or two of these easy mind tricks (one of which comes by way of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, believe it or not), and you might just start looking forward to your morning wake-up call. [Fast Company]

• Speaking of mind tricks, here’s one you can use when you start to feel yourself flubbing a workout. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Stop picking! Here’s how to break your nasty hangnail/skin/pimple-picking habit. [Women’s Health]

• No more lying down for abs: Check out this core-shredding move you can do standing up. [Men’s Health]

• Good news! It’s okay to walk part of your next marathon. [Runner’s World]

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