The Checkup: 6 Cheap Winter Superfoods You Should Be Buying Now



• ’Tis the season to fill your grocery cart with cheap in-season superfoods like Brussels sprouts, pomegranates, turnips, and more. Your wallet will thank you. [Huffington Post]

• If walking and talking with your friends is already one of your favorite pastimes, you’re in luck: Turns out, walking groups, while low-intensity, are really good for our health in the long run. [Science of Us]

• The perfect excuse for your guacamole addiction: Eating an avocado a day could significantly lower cholesterol, new research shows. [Prevention]

• This new weight-loss app is all about tough love—and apparently, people are really into it. [Co.Exist]

• If you find yourself feeling a bit grumpy today (Thursday’s tend to do that, don’t they?), here are 34 science-backed tricks to boost your mood. Bonus: There is chocolate involved. [Greatist]

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