Reboot Your System: 7-Day Carb Cleanse Challenge at Unite Fitness



If your New Year’s Resolution—you know, the one where you vowed to finally, finally be more mindful of what you eat—went down the drain about a week ago (because pizza), here’s your chance to jump back on the wagon: Starting January 26th, the folks at Unite Fitness are leading a seven-day carb cleanse challenge.

During the challenge, participants will be forced to be more mindful of which foods provide good carbs and which provide not-so-good carbs (I’m guessing pizza lands in this pile). Because as the fitness studio’s website states, “Not all carbs are created equal!” The goal of the cleanse is to cut out all bad carbs from your diet for a full week so that you get an idea of how many processed flours and sugars you usually put into your system, and see how much better you feel when you ditch them.

And of course there will be plenty of support to get your through your bad-carb withdrawal: Folks participating in the challenge will get a list of foods to eat, along with a list of foods to eliminate, a sample menu for eating at home and one for dining out, a grocery list for the week, and recipes. When the week is up, Unite Fitness claims you can look forward to better digestion, feeling less bloated, fewer cravings and better workout performance. The cost of the cleanse is $49, not including food. You can learn more and sign up here.

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