The Weird But Effective Way to Keep Your Hands Warm During Winter Bike Rides



I consider myself a pretty dedicated, all-seasons bike commuter, but I have to admit that the bitter wind and cold of late have been enough force even me to opt out of my daily bike rides in favor of taking the subway (or begging a ride from my very gracious husband). So this post is less for me, and more for those of you who are actually insanely hard-core bike commuters. (Kudos, by the way.)

Sara over on the Women Bike PHL Facebook group posted a link earlier this week to a pretty smart, if bizarre-looking, hack for DIY handlebar wind breakers to help keep your hands warm on freezing-cold bike rides. The idea comes by way of the folks over at bike advocacy group Bike Pittsburgh, which posted a few pictures of one of its city’s bike commuters enjoying a wintertime bike ride with—wait for it—gallon-size plastic water jugs affixed to her handlebars. With a few easy modifications, the cyclist created an upcycled wind barrier to protect her hands from icy gusts. The photos even show her riding without gloves, if you can believe it.

Check out the how-to and photos here.

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