RECIPE: Vegan Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto That Tastes Good on, Well, Everything

sundried tomato pestoAsk anyone who has ever eaten a meal with me and they will tell you: That girl is a bona fide basil-pesto addict. To this day, I have yet to discover anything that I will not top off with an inappropriately large dollop of the cheesy, garlicky concoction: eggs, avocado toast, salad, quinoa, pasta, pizza, sweet potato fries, veggie sausage—name a food and, chances are, I have slathered it with a giant spoonful of pesto in the very recent past.

So ever since I started this whole Veganuary kick (I’ll write more about it once this grand experiment comes to an end), the one thing I’ve been pining for hasn’t been eggs or butter or even brie; it’s been basil pesto.

But my days of missing my favorite topping/spread/dip are over, because I have found the next best thing: homemade sun-dried tomato pesto that’s 100-percent vegan friendly. It’s the bomb, people. And, like basil pesto, it pairs well with just about everything: Smear it on some avocado toast, fold it into a quinoa-tofu concoction, mix it in with an arugula salad—it makes everything taste just a little bit sweeter, both literally and figuratively.

And the best part: It is so, so easy to make. Just throw some sun-dried tomatoes (I used the jarred Whole Foods brand, in oil) and a chopped clove of garlic into a food processor and pulse until combined. Then, add a few glugs of olive oil and salt to taste, and continue to pulse. Keep adding small glugs of olive oil and pulsing until the pesto reaches your preferred consistency, and soon enough you will have some bombastic sun-dried tomato pesto on your hands. Last step: Proceed put it on anything and everything you consume, and enjoy!

Note: If you’re feeling ambitious, you can opt to make your own sun-dried tomatoes instead of using the jarred variety. Recipe for that is here

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