Our 10 Favorite Posts of the Year: Philly Fitness Bucket List, The Sort-of Vegan Chef, Broad Street Spectators and More

The Philly 10K | Photo by Matt Stanley

The Philly 10K | Photo by Matt Stanley

‘Tis the season for retrospectives, for looking back on a year well done and giving yourself a big ol’ pat on the back. When we looked back on all the posts we generated this year, we couldn’t help but notice a trend: Philly is one kick-ass place to be healthy and fit. There’s truly something here for everyone. Check out our favorite posts of the year and relive the good times. Here’s to even more awesomeness in 2015.

1. The Ultimate Philly Fitness Bucket List: 25 Things You Have to Do
Consider this our personal challenge to you. (We’re taking it on, too!)

2. Move Over, CVS: This Fishtown Pharmacist Is Changing the Pharmacy Game
Holistic-minded Fishtown pharmacist Kris Hunsicker almost had us at hello. Actually, he had us when he told us, “We don’t stock shampoo or candy so that we have room for the stuff we actually want to have on our shelves.” Refreshing, right?

3. Meet John Schultz, The Inspiring Runner in Marisa Magnatta’s Broad Street Photo
If this story about 82-year-old local runner John Schultz doesn’t inspire you to lace up your sneakers, well, nothing will.

4. 5 Awesome Things That Happened When I Quit Coffee
A first-person that might just convince you to lay off the Starbucks.

5. 10 Hilarious Spectator Signs from the 2014 Broad Street Run
We couldn’t help but chuckle again (and again) when we clicked through our slideshow of the best spectator signs from this year’s Broad Street Run. Y’all really outdid yourselves.

6. Best Thing I Ever Ate in Philly: Vegan Comfort Food Edition
This is basically vegan food porn. (Well, with words, not pictures). You’re welcome.

7. The Philly 10K Is About to Become Philly’s Coolest New Race
It certainly lived up to the hype.

8. Why Meat-Loving Philly Chef Scott Schroeder Is a Six-Days-a-Week Vegan
“Monday through Saturday, I don’t eat any animal products or consume any alcoholic beverages. But on Sunday, it’s game on—I’m all about red wine and steak.”

9. Huge New Penn Study: Red Wine Not So Good for Your Heart After All
No, it wasn’t the happiest news we reported all year. But the study certainly was a game-changer.

10. How 9 Philly Nutrition Pros Prep for a Healthy Week
Local experts taught us a LOT in 2014—like how to prep for a healthy week before it even begins.

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