The Checkup: Here’s How Much Exercise It Takes to Burn Off Those Holiday Treats



• Have you ever considered how long you’ll need to work out to burn off a mug of hot cocoa? What about a candy cane? Allow this food-to-exercise breakdown of all your favorite holiday treats to put things into perspective. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Aha! So that’s how scents are made! [Mental Floss]

• Here’s a fascinating look at how exercise makes us happier—and how to optimize your exercise for maximum happiness. [Fast Company]

• You might already be comfortable cooking spaghetti squash, but watching this culinarily clueless Atlantic editor learn how to cook it with help from Mark Bittman is, well, pretty stinking funny. [The Atlantic]

• If you’ve considered joining a CSA program but haven’t bitten the bullet, check out this list of 10 lessons learned after a CSA season. [The Kitchn]

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