The Checkup: 6 Big Health Payoffs One Woman Experienced When She Quit Dairy



• Not that this will be the case for everyone, of course, but you’ve got to read this account of the crazy-awesome things that happened when one woman gave up dairy for good. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• 2015 may pan out to be the year of the hybrid veggie. Check out the strange new veggies (Broccoflower, anyone?) that may make an appearance on your grocery-store shelf. [NPR]

• Did you know there’s a right way and a wrong way to wash your hands? It’s true. Here are 5 hand-washing mistakes you’re probably making without even knowing it. [Health]

• Are you a list-maker? Check out these five year-end lists that will help you gain perspective—on everything from relationships to happiness to achievements—before heading into the new year. [HuffPo Healthy Living]

• Here’s some smart advice: Listen to your body when you’re working out, and you’ll learn some pretty interesting things about what makes it tick (or not). It’s called biofeedback, and here’s how to decode it. [Women’s Health]

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