The Checkup: 10 Easy Ingredient Swaps to Save Hundreds of Calories a Day



• These 10 ingredient swaps are super simple—use coconut milk instead of cream; sub smashed avocado for mayo; swap out half of the meat in your chili for some meaty mushrooms—and they help you save big in the calorie department. [Fitbie]

• If you have trouble falling asleep, try these (because we all know counting sheep doesn’t work): Three yoga moves to help you sleep. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Say goodbye to pumpkin-spice everything (thank goodness) and hello to ginger-carrot martinis. These are the food trends that will dominate in 2015. [Vox]

• It’s getting pretty chilly out there and, let’s be honest: running in 24-degree weather just isn’t all that fun. Here, 21 legit reasons to love the treadmill. [Greatist]

• ’Tis the season for cravings—but research shows, tapping your forehead for 30 seconds could help you resist that plate of holiday cookies that’s been calling your name. [Men’s Health]

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