The Checkup: The Biggest Fitness Trends of 2015



• The American College of Sports Medicine just released its forecast for next year’s fitness trends. Here’s how the experts say we’ll all be sweating in 2015. [Health]

• Thinking about eating out tonight? Er, you might want to revisit your plans. Here’s one big reason why it’s better to eat in than dine out. [Fitbie]

• Exercise helps you sleep better, of course, but the kind of exercise you do—and when you do it—matters, too, according to new research. [Yahoo Health]

• Speaking of sleep, did you know there are better and worse sleep positions when it comes to your health? Here’s how they rank. [Fitness Magazine]

• Aw, maaaan. This year’s flu vaccine might not be all that effective. (But experts say you should still get one.) [TIME]

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