Your Weekend Workout Playlist: Throwback Hip-Hop Edition



A few weeks ago, I was listening to 107.9 on the radio when I learned they’d recently become a station solely dedicated to throwback hip hop. In the course of one car ride, I heard Missy Elliot’s “Hot Boyz,” Q-Tip’s “Vivrant Thing,” and some Slick Rick jams. It was like Christmas came early.

So when Emily suggested we do a throwback hip-hop workout playlist inspired by the new station Boom 107.9, I just about cried with joy. And I have to say, this playlist was an absolute blast to put together. I got about a bazillion suggestions from friends (and a few of my friend’s parents, too), and ended up with this: Two hours of throwback hip-hop tunes, courtesy of everyone from Slick Rick to Mos Def to Biggie Smalls. Now go, get your nostalgia on.

*We clean out and update this playlist every Friday with a slew of new songs to keep you grooving. Follow it on Spotify so you never miss a beat.

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