The Checkup: Do This to Boost Your Metabolism in 30 Seconds Flat



• If you’re looking to put some pep in your metabolism’s step, alternating lunge jumps—which use the largest muscles in your body, and require lots of energy during the move and during recovery—are just the ticket to boosting your metabolism fast. [Men’s Health]

• If you’re anything like me, you probably blame a bad night’s sleep on your boyfriend’s snoring or your dog hogging the bed, right? Well, turns out, not having enough daylight in your life could be the real reason you’re losing out on shuteye. [Q by Equinox]

• New studies show subliminal messages could be the trick to totally crushing your workout. Seriously! [Science of Us]

• Switch up your lunchtime routine with a few of these drool-worthy items: 34 vegan lunches you can take to work. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• With the mountain of holiday cookies (and brownies, and cake) sure to be covering your office’s communal kitchen table over the next few weeks, you’ll be needing these: seven killer ab exercises you should be doing, but probably aren’t. [Huffington Post]

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