The Checkup: The Guilt-Free Way to Eat Apple Pie for Breakfast



• If you’ve got pie on the brain (’tis the season, after all), here is one way to get your apple-pie fix minus the guilt: An apple pie smoothie. Go! Make it, love it and tell everyone you know about it. [Self]

• You should probably hit the sack early tonight: A new survey shows a whopping 73 percent of American adults don’t get enough sleep. [Huffington Post]

• Still feeling a bit of a Thanksgiving dinner hangover? Try loading up on those five detoxifying foods that are probably already in your fridge. (And good news: apples—as in the main ingredient in the smoothie above—made the cut.) [Well + Good]

Lululemon’s new holiday line is one big burst of sparkly perfection. Warning: You will want it all. [Refinery29]

• If you constantly find yourself craving french fries (who doesn’t?), here is a healthy answer to your problem: Kabocha squash fries. Mmmm. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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