Cecily Tynan’s Official Philadelphia Marathon 2014 Weather Forecast

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Cecily Tynan after last year’s Rothman 8K | Photo via Facebook

When you’ve got a weather question—especially when said question relates to running—there’s really only one person in Philly to turn to: 6ABC’s Cecily Tynan.

So yesterday, when I asked for her Official, Official Philadelphia Marathon Race Day Forecast, of course she obliged. She even did me one better: She gave me the outlook and clothing suggestions for the entire Marathon Weekend, including tomorrow’s Rothman 8K (which Cecily is running again) and Sunday’s full and half marathons. Here’s the breakdown:

Forecast for the Rothman 8K

“Looks like a chilly race on Saturday,” Tynan says. “I’ll be wearing knee-length running tights and either a long sleeved shirt or a tank with arm warmers and gloves, which I may take off mid-race.” It’ll be a brisk 28 degrees at start time at 7:30 a.m. The good news is, the sun will be out and shining bright.

Forecast for the Philadelphia Marathon

“It’ll be much warmer Sunday for the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon. Temperatures will be rising through the 40s for most of the race, really nice marathon-running weather,” Tynan says, adding that it’ll be 38 degrees at start time and 53 by noon with partly sunny skies and four to eight mile-per-hour winds. “I suggest shorts, a short sleeved shirt or tank under a throwaway long sleeve shirt (i.e. a ratty long-sleeve tee you won’t mind parting with) and throwaway cotton gloves.”

She cautions that a rookie marathon mistake is overdressing: “You’ll warm up quickly after the first mile or two.” By the way, any layers you shed during the race will be collected and donated to Clothes-pin, a local organization that collects cast-off clothes at races and redistributes them to homeless shelters.

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