Free Fitness Classes for Philadelphia Marathoners

body cycle marathon

Photo by Christopher Gabello

I know at least half of you who are running the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday will read this post and shake your head. I mean, for the love, you’re running 26.2 miles in one fell swoop, and here we are telling you where to work out just days after the fact. Next week, I imagine, you’re planning on kicking back and relaxing as much as humanly possible.

So this post is for the other half of you, the half who will run the marathon and, one day later, be itching to move again. I know you exist, because I am related to one of you. (That would be my older brother, Jon, who can’t seem to sit still for more than a couple of hours at a time. For the record, Jon and I are opposites in this regard; I fall squarely into the first camp.)

ANYHOW. Two Philly fitness studios are offering free classes to intrepid marathoners who are dying to work out next week. The good news is, neither are running workouts, so your knees will be happy that you be mixing it up.

The first is a free ride at Body Cycle Studio on Monday at 12:30 p.m. It’s a 30-minute recovery cycling session led by instructor Barry Lewis, followed by an hour of additional recovery techniques aimed at getting your running juices flowing again. Out in the ‘burbs, the just-opened Prana House Yoga Studio in Haverford is offering a free class to marathoners through November 30th; check out their schedule here.

Both studios require proof of participation to get the freebie, so bring your medal—or better yet, wear the darn thing with pride—and you’ll get in without paying a dime.

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