Where Is the Best Veggie Burger in Philly?

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Village Whiskey's Veggie Burger | Photo via Facebook

Village Whiskey’s Veggie Burger | Photo via Facebook

Ordering a veggie burger is risky business: You can end up with a pile of mush just barely being held together by two buns, or a bean patty that’s been doused in every single spice under the sun, or a completely flavorless concoction drowned in a brick of melted cheese—we’ve all had one of those, right? And these disappointing experiences are exactly why I go back to my trusty favorite—Village Whiskey’s guacamole-topped creation—again and again and again. But hey, a girl’s got to switch it up every now and then, and that’s where you come in. We want to know, Be Wellers: What is your favorite veggie burger in Philly? Ready, set, comment!

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