Bike Commuting Up Big Time in Center City, Report Says

From Be Well Philly: Every month, the aptly named group Take Your Time Bicycle Rides hosts a slow-paced group ride from Rittenhouse Square Park to a fun spot somewhere in the city. This month’s ride, happening [Tuesday] evening, will end at Cantina Los Caballitos on East Passyunk Avenue, otherwise known as Margarita Heaven. Is it just me, or does a leisurely bike ride that ends with tequila kind of sound like the greatest Tuesday evening ever? The group’s monthly rides are held on the second Tuesday of each month (thanks to rain, June’s ride was pushed back to this week), and they alternate monthly from co-ed to ladies-only. Both ladies and gents are welcome to tomorrow’s ride and all you’ve got to do to join in is head to the northwest corner of Rittenhouse Square Park 6:15 p.m. with your bike and helmet. More here.


If you biked to work today, give yourself a big pat on the back: According to a new report released by the Center City District, northbound bike commuting in Center City has increased by a whopping 33.4 percent in just the past two years. Dang!

Bike traffic was measured on all northbound streets between 3rd and 22nd streets during morning rush hour, from 8 to 9 a.m. Turns out, since 2012, the average number of bikers on the road during just that hour has jumped from 873 to 1,165. So let me just say it again: Dang!

The numbers show that the most-used streets are 22nd and 13th streets—two streets with bike lanes. According to the report, the city hasn’t installed any new northbound bike lanes in Center City in the past two years, but maybe this surge in bike traffic, and city bikers’ clear cut preference for streets with bike lanes, will kickstart some new-bike-lane talk. Fingers crossed!

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