The Checkup: The Guilt-Free Trick to Eating Halloween Candy for Breakfast



• Looking for a way to sneak in some Halloween candy at breakfast? This Almond Joy Granola is just the ticket. Just whip up this simple and super-coconutty recipe, and sprinkle a bit on top of your morning yogurt for a guilt-free halloween-candy fix. [Minimalist Baker]

• If you never work out outside of your gym, here are six reasons to try it. (Can I add “all the pretty fall colors” to the list?) [Huffington Post]

• Why you should listen to your mom when she glares at you and screeches “Sit up straight!”: Your bad posture could be hurting more than just your back. [Men’s Health]

• Tricks for treating those everyday aches and pains that come along with working out, wearing heels, and being glued to a desk all day. [Refinery29]

• Get ready to drool: 41 healthy and delicious fish dishes to add to your recipe book. Which one will you be making tonight? [Greatist]

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