What to Eat This Week: 5 Fall-Flavored Salads

What to eat lead
Do you ever find yourself in a salad rut? I am constantly in a salad rut: I’ll discover a new salad that I’m obsessed with—most recently a white bean, tofu, spinach and pesto concoction—eat it for weeks on end, and then realize that, well, I’ve been eating the exact same salad every night for dinner for weeks on end. 

If you often find yourself in the same salad-rut situation, then this week’s recipes are tailor-made just for you. We’ve hand-picked five creative and healthy salads chock-full of fall goodies like squash, pomegranate, kale, and sweet potato (which just so happens to be delicious and great for weight loss). So replace your everyday go-to salad with one—or better yet, a few—of these fall salads and say goodbye to your salad rut. And if you want to bulk these salads up a bit, just top ‘em off with a serving of baked tofu, or grilled chicken. Happy cooking, folks!

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