Your Weekend Workout Playlist: Country Music You Can Sweat to (Really!)



Way back in the day, when I first created my Facebook profile, my music preferences read, and I quote, “Everything except for country music. Country music is the WORST.” So imagine my surprise when, during a drive from D.C. to Philly, I stumbled onto a country music radio station and stayed on it for the rest of the trip. The stories in the songs—covering everything from bouts with cancer to divorce to drinking—were just so captivating. By the end of the drive, I was belting out Tim McGraw lyrics like a pro, and from that day forward, I’ve been a true-blue country music fan. So, when Emily suggested we do a country-themed workout playlist, I squealed with joy.

The one thing you have to remember about country music is that, yes, it is cheesy and dramatic and oh-so-over-the-top—but that’s what makes it amazing. Now, here, just about two-hours worth of country music to sweat to this weekend. You’ll be too wrapped up in the drama playing out in your earbuds to even notice how beat you are during your weekend long run.

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