Cecily Tynan’s Official #RuntoWorkPHL Weather Forecast

RUN TO WORK weather

6ABC meteorologist and all-around super-star runner Cecily Tynan has given us the all clear—like, literally—for the weather tomorrow morning for Run to Work Day. “The weather is going to be perfect,” she says.

Tynan is calling for highs in the low 70s, with the temps in the wee morning hours (we’re talking 6 a.m. to 9ish, when we’ll all be running) in the upper 50s to low 60s. The sun will be shining and the air crisp.

“Layers,” she says of how you should dress for these conditions. “You may want to wear a long-sleeve shirt with a short-sleeve shirt underneath, so you can take off your outer layer once you warm up.”

She also says she would consider wearing shorts, especially if you’re running longer distances and will be getting sweatier. (This writer with a measly two-mile run commute will be wearing pants, thankyouverymuch.)

While Tynan won’t be run-commuting tomorrow (the logistics of doing the evening news aren’t quite conducive to this, so we’ll give her a pass), she’s with us in spirit: “I think it’s wonderful,” she says. “I hope that if people see you guys running to work, maybe they’ll be inspired to do the same.”

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