#BWPSelfie of the Week: Alexa Shows Off Her Incredible 151-Pound Weight Loss

Before and after pics of our #BWPSelfie taker, Alexa!

Before and after pics of our #BWPSelfie taker, Alexa!

Welcome to our new weekly feature, the #BWPSelfie of the Week! Read about why we’re celebrating selfies—and the sweaty Philadelphians who take them—below. 

Name: Alexa Rae Liccio

Day job: Digital media designer at Comcast Spotlight

When I Snapped the Pictures: The after picture is from August 4th, 2014 and the before pictures are from 12/24/2010

Total weight loss: 151 pounds

What it took: My weight loss story starts on January 2nd, 2010. My sister took me to my yearly check up and I knew that this appointment was going to be life changing. I weighed in at 350 pounds. I started to question, “How did I get this lost? How did I become this person? What happened?” People ask me if I remember what it felt like to be that heavy, and my response is no—I was so numb and ignorant to my body and my health that I do not remember what it feels like. But what I do remember is this: I saw my doctor type “morbidly obese” into my records.

Seeing those words a) scared me, b) made me so upset, and c) fueled my determination to be healthy. I started slowly, working out four to five days a week and eating right. It was also very hard to go out, party, drink and enjoy your college years while you are trying to lose an significant amount of weight.

In the spring of 2013, my outlook on health changed even more. I started to really push myself working out and to not take cheat days. I was truly fueling my body with foods that would nourish it. My outlook changed from “I want to lose weight” to “What can I feed my body to keep it healthy and alive?” My “Aha!” weight-loss moment was when I said to myself, I only have one life to live with ONE body. Why spend my life RUINING the body I was given?  Why feed that body food that’s just harming it?

Why she stuck with it: Because this is my life, my body, and I couldn’t continue to ignore my weight any longer.  I kept thinking in my head, “What will happen if I can’t have kids? What will happen if my sister has kids and I can’t run around with them and be active?” Ultimately, I was very unhappy with feeling so unhealthy. I stuck with it so that I could cherish my body and my life.

Favorite way to work out: Cardio! I started out by walking 20 to 30 minutes, and I can now run a mile in under 10 minutes. Also, I am trying out new ways to be active. I am attending a kickboxing class, I have done Zumba (and love it!), and I am going to try yoga.

How she stays motivated: My motto: Always Stay Strong. You need to want to lose weight. You need to want to stick with it. That is how I stay motivated.

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