The Checkup: Why You Shouldn’t Trust the Calorie Counters on Cardio Machines



• I’m sure you could have guessed that the calorie counter on the treadmill or elliptical isn’t the most accurate thing in the world, but seeing just how inaccurate they can be may cause you to spit out you coffee. So, fair warning. [Details]

• The ab move you should do “until you think you’re gonna die,” according to Maria Menounos: the crunch to boat pose. [Health]

• Fine. I’ll bite. Let’s talk about pumpkin—lightened-up pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, specifically. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• You totally have five minutes to spare today, right? Right. Here’s a five-minute butt workout to try. [Fitness Magazine]

• I, for one, have always wondered this: How bad is it, really, for your skin when you work out while wearing a full face of makeup? Spoiler: It’s pretty freaking bad. [Women’s Health]

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