New Fitness Tracker Will Deliver Electric Shock If You Skip a Workout



If you just can’t seem to get your gym routine down (because who can resist the snooze button and unlimited Netflix streaming?), Pavlok, a new fitness tracker slated to debut in 2015, might be just the fix: According to Refinery29, if you dare skip a Pilates class for a Prime Suspect marathon, the tracker will deliver an electric shock of up to 340V as punishment. And if, somehow, that’s not motivation enough, Pavlok will also Facebook-shame you by posting your failure to your wall for all to see. Seriously!

So why so harsh, you ask? Well, this fitness tracker’s goal isn’t just to collect your stats—its aim is to help you form new habits: If you want to hit the gym before work every day, the tracker will jolt you each time you ditch your morning workout for extra sleep. The idea is that soon enough you’ll begin to associate skipping the gym with a negative consequence, stop doing it and BAM: New habit formed.

And it’s not just the tracker holding you accountable: In order to use Pavlok, you have to team up with a friend who will monitor your activity. If they see that you didn’t swipe your card at the gym or map your run that morning, they get to dole out the shock. Gives the term “workout buddy” a whole new meaning, huh?

Pavlok won’t be on the market until 2015, but if you’re into that kind of torture motivation, you can find out more about it here.

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