The Checkup: The Very Best Exercise for Sculpted Arms, According to Science



• This is pretty cool. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse hooked a bunch of study subjects up to electrodes, had them perform a slew of bicep exercises, and measured muscle activity for each one in order to find the move that works your upper arms the hardest. Any guesses? [Prevention]

• Pay attention, Philly cyclists: This is the not-awesome new way local bike thieves are stealing bikes. [News + Opinion]

• This is what happens when CrossFit pisses off a reporter. [Outside Magazine]

• If you’re a little cash strapped at the moment but still want to get your Om on, check out these free (or cheap) websites where you can stream full-length yoga classes. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Holy yum. How good does grilled-mango salsa sound? [New York Times]

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