Running for Charity? Philly Running Group Wants to Make Fundraising Easier

Philadelphia Pressroom

Photo by M. Edlow for VISIT PHILADELPHIA

A quick heads up to any local runners out there who are fund-running (Get it? Fundraising/running?) for charity in an upcoming race: Run215 Facebook group founder Jon Lyons is creating a aggregation page for local runners to share their causes and for other people to support them by contributing.

Right now, as per a message on Run215 and an email he sent yesterday, Lyons is simply gathering info. He will then post it to a page on Facebook and a separate website so people can begin to use it. I’ll update this post once those things go live.

Meantime, if you want to get added to the site, here’s the info he needs:

• Name
• Marathon (or half marathon) that you’re running
• Organization for whom you’re fundraising
• Link to your profile/fundraising page/or any info that will direct people to donate

Email the info directly to Lyons at

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