The Checkup: 56 Healthier Burger Recipes to Try This Weekend



• Lemon-Garlic Tuna Burgers (Mmmmmm.), plus 55 lighter burger recipes to try, just in time for Fourth of July. [Greatist]

• Ha! Here are eight completely acceptable excuses for skipping your workout. By the way, “Because I just could NOT get Grandma to hang up the phone” totally made the list. [Women’s Health]

• In case you were wondering how Tim Howard gets his superhuman goal-blocking powers, this might have something to do with it: What the USA soccer team eats during the World Cup. [Huffington Post]

• And in very important news: Boob facials are officially a thing. They are called “breacials.” (This is not a joke.) [Shape]

• Guilty of slouching, like, all the time? (My hand is totally raised—darn you, desk job!) Try this move to get your posture back in tip-top shape. [Men’s Health]

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