The Checkup: 13 Common Alcohol Myths Debunked



• Are darker alcohols really healthier? Here 13 common alcohol myths debunked. [Greatist]

• Hummus is just the beginning of what a chickpea can do. These 29 chickpea recipes will blow your mind. [Huffington Post]

• Here’s just how fit those players in the World Cup really are. Hint: Even the referees have to be able to run a 5:20 mile. [Health]

• If you’ve got a job where you sit and stare at a screen all day (guilty!), I’ve got bad news: All that screen-time could be wreaking havoc on your eyes.  [Women’s Health]

• I know, I know: You always work as hard as you possibly can in the gym, right? But here’s why should push yourself just a little bit harder. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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