Real Estate Website Ranks New Jersey Third Most Stressed Out State



According to a new ranking released by Movoto, a real estate website, New Jersey is the third most stressed-out state in the county, beating out both California and New York. Pennsylvania scored pretty much smack in the middle, at 25 out of 48. So why so stressed, Jersey? Two reasons that shouldn’t shock you: population density and housing prices.

The analysis used data from the U.S. Census’ American Community Survey and scored each state based on six criteria that reflect some of the most common causes of stress, including unemployment, population density and commute time. These scores were then averaged together to determine where each state fell in the overall ranking. Jersey came in closely behind Florida and Georgia, at first and second, respectively.

Here’s what Movoto had to say about New Jersey:

3. New Jersey: Someone’s Gonna Have To Leave, Capiche?

New Jersey is known for two things around the country: Having the most people per square mile and having stupid-expensive property tax. And in true New Jersey style, these two things are points of pride.

If you don’t want to live close to your neighbors, go out to the boonies in Pennsylvania. You don’t want to pay an extraordinarily large amount of money to have a residence in the state, you should start saving.

Because when New Jersey does something, even stress, it never half-asses it.


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