WHAT?!: Science Ranks 41 Healthiest Superfoods, Kale Barely Cracks Top 15



In today’s crazy, shocking, say-whaaaaa news: TIME just published a scientist’s ranking of 41 superfoods based on their nutritional value, and the results are totally surprising.

When we first saw this list, Be Well editor Emily and I looked for kale without even thinking. Because, well, duh. It’s kale. But the beloved leafy green clocks in at a kind-of-unimpressive #15. And you’ll never guess what took the number one spot.
Watercress. (Who knew?!) Also notable: Spinach comes in at a solid number five, and sweet potatoes are all the way down at 40.

The ranking was determined by looking at 17 major nutrients, including fiber, protein and potassium, and seeing how much of each is present in a superfood. So basically, consider this a handy-dandy list for figuring out how to get the most nutritional bang for the calories you’re eating.

But before you go and trade out your kale for superfoods that are even more super, the article does mention that the ranking didn’t take into account all the phytochemicals or compounds that might be present in a food, just the major ones. Plus, no matter the ranking, all of the foods that make the list are still pretty darn healthy. So keep on keepin’ on, kale lovers.

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