The Checkup: The Ultimate 100-Calorie Snacking Guide



• Friends, I present to you the ultimate snack guide, a list of 88 (what!?) 100-calorie snacks that will keep you satisfied but leave for dinner. The best part? They all look soooo good. [Greatist]

• Looking to change up your regular running route? Check out this handy Route Finder, a complete list of routes for bikers and runners in the Philly area. It even comes with a map and route reviews. How cool is that? [Runner’s World]

• Ladies, our hair takes quite a beating every day, between the weather, styling products, and heat tools. Here are 10 of the best deep conditioners to give those damaged strands some love. [Total Beauty]

• Want to take your smoothie to the next level? Try adding any of these 14 super smoothie boosters to the mix. [Shape]

• Sometimes life gets so hectic that dedicating an hour (or more) to the gym seems impossible. These one-song workouts can be completed within an average song. If you did all of them (there’s four), it’d take, at most, 15 minutes. So crank up your music and get sweating!  [Pinterest]

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