Voluntary Recall Issued for Seven Tons of Hummus Due to Listeria Fears



Everybody: Go check your hummus containers.

The Huffington Post reports that hummus made by Hot Mama’s Foods, which is distributed at Trader Joe’s and is sold at Target under the name Archer Farms, just announced a voluntary recall on several products over fears of listeria contamination. In all, nearly 15,000 hummus and dip products were pulled from shelves nationwide at the chains, totaling seven tons of potentially contaminated hummus.

The company explained that listeria is a potentially life-threatening bacteria. Those with weakened immune systems, like children or the elderly, and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to listeria. While healthy individuals may only experience symptoms like fever, nausea, stiffness, and diarrhea, those who are vulnerable can experience potentially fatal infections.

The good news is that Pennsylvania doesn’t appear to be part of the “affected areas” for the Trader Joe’s hummus, according to the FDA’s site, but the Target hummus recall was nationwide, so we are in the thick of it, as far as Archer Farms goes.

You can see the list of recalled items and get more info here.

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