The Checkup: 10 Healthier Beers to Drink This Thirsty Thursday



• Beer lovers, rejoice: Thanks to these 10 beer bottles, you can enjoy happy hour without drinking an entire dinner’s worth of calories. [Greatist]

• If your favorite summertime hangout is the hot tub, you should probably pick a new spot. Because science says hot tubs are gross. Like, really gross. [Refinery29]

• If you are just so over Kale, these 11 recipes are sure to reignite your love affair with the nutrient-dense superfood. [Well + Good]

• Here, 15 reasons why we all need to stop stressing out, stat.[Huffington Post]

• There’s an ab exercise called the Elevated Bird Dog. Seriously. Click through to see how it’s done. [Men’s Health]

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