The Checkup: The Best Grease-Free Sunscreens for Your Face



• If you hate feeling like a slicked up grease ball after slathering sunscreen on your face and thus avoid putting it on as much as possible (guilty), try one of these five tried-and-true grease-free sunscreens this season. Your skin will thank you. [Fashionista]

• When kale and Brussels sprouts have a baby, it looks like this—and could soon be on your dinner plate. [Self]

• Is too much high-intensity exercise a bad thing? Two new studies weigh in. [Huffington Post]

• Why you should NOT let your dog lick you, especially on your face (because, yes, people allow this in the name of “kisses”). [Action News]

• WTF is maca and should you be eating it? Find out. [Men’s Fitness]

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