What to Eat This Week: One-Bowl Dinners

As a child, I was that ridiculously annoying picky eater who demanded all my food be served on separate plates. And if anyone dared to bring me a plate with a hint of dressing/gravy/spice on it, you better believe, a hunger-strike would commence. Thankfully, for me and everyone who’s ever had to cook for me, this behavior ceased around the age of 16 (embarrassingly late in life, I know) and I discovered the joy that is the one-bowl meal.

The one bowl-dinner is, simply put, a bunch of ingredients thrown in a bowl and mixed together. It’s delicious, efficient and — best of all — easy. And nothing says weeknight dinner like an easy recipe, am I right? Which is why, this week, we’ve got five protein packed one-bowl recipes you’re sure to love. And you’ll love the short and sweet one-bowl clean-up, too.