Apparently, Hipsters Are Very Healthy Eaters, According to This HuffPo List



I didn’t know there was such a thing as “hipster foods,” but maybe I’m just not cool enough. On the latest list from Huffington Post, 22 foods are called out as “the most hipster foods on the planet,” said in typical mocking-with-eye-roll tone of voice that usually accompanies any list with the word hipster attached to it.

And while the Huffington Post admits the list is “all in good fun,” what I find funny/interesting/noteworthy is the fact that, according to this list, hipsters must be very healthy eaters. Go hipsters! Maybe we should all aim to be more like you.

Here’s a sampling of what HuffPo considers to be “hipster food,” and why we should maybe all just become hipsters already. (Note: By this metric, I’m guessing at least 90 percent of Be Well readers would be classified as hipsters.)

1. Brussels sprouts

They’re loaded with vitamin K (good for our blood and our bones) and vitamin C (an antioxidant that’s also important in brain health), and they contain a lot of fiber to boot. Hipsters must be on to something.

2. Kale

Really? Kale is a hipster food … and that’s a bad thing? For one thing, the kale moment was so three years ago. But if you really want to be nit-picky, kale is a powerhouse for vitamins A, C and K, and contains a good dose of manganese. Carry on, hipsters.

3. Kimchi

Did you know fermented foods are really, really good for your digestive health? Hipsters must be BMing like rockstars, is all I’m saying.

4. Green juice

I get the temptation to mock the now-insanely-ubiquitous juice craze. But, hey, at least people are eating (well, sipping) more veggies, so moms everywhere must be beaming.

5. Cauliflower

And I quote: “Two rules: cauliflower is not meant for pizza and you should stop calling it steak.” But it is meant for pizza! And so much more!

Read the Huffington Post’s full list here.

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