Unite Fitness Is Giving Away 10 Weeks of Free Workouts

unite fitnessIf your workout routine has been feeling a bit blah lately, pay attention: Philly’s Unite Fitness training studio is running a contest right now to give away 10 weeks of free workouts to one lucky winner.

You’ll have access to one of Unite’s personal trainers for one private session a week, and you can take as many group workouts as you’d like, if you win. You can also choose to go through Unite’s three-phase nutrition program if your eating habits need a little rehab.  The contest is aimed at giving you a swift kick in the pants toward a healthier, happier you.

You can enter yourself or a friend here. You’ll need to write a little essay about why you deserve to win, and you’ll have to be cool with taking before and after pictures and your body measurements to track your progress.

Entries are due by this Friday, April 18th; the winner will be selected and notified on April 28th.

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