Throwback 1980 Broad Street Run Race Shirt Now Available at Modell’s

broad streetDreams do come true, my friends. Remember a few weeks back when I shared what is absolutely, most definitely the best #ThrowbackThursday post of all time: a photo of the original Broad Street Run race shirt from 1980? Well. The Blue Cross Broad Street Run must have a pretty smart marketing/PR department, because they’ve just reissued the shirt, thanks to all the positive feedback from their #TBT, and are selling it through Modell’s Sporting Goods.

The logo appears to have received a teeny-tiny bit of a redesign—the Philadelphia Daily News box is gone, for example—but it’s basically still in tact. And the yellow shirt color appears to be Spot. On.

It’s available as a Women’s Long Sleeve Tech Shirt ($25) in red, and Men’s Tech T-shirt ($20) in yellow—the center and left shirts above. There also appears to be a throwback shirt to the 1984 race (women’s only, in pink, above on the right); it’s going for $27.

And it gets even better: Use the code BSRVIP15 to get 15 percent off Broad Street merch at Modell’s. The offer is good through May 31st.

Have at it, Broad Streeters.

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