The Checkup: 10 Reasons You Hate Running (And How to Change Your Attitude)



• We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: If running sucks, you’re doing it wrong. Here are 10 common running mistakes would make anyone hate lacing up. Plus, ideas for how to change your attitude once and for all. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Get ready for your mind to be blown. These 12 all-new science-backed rules of fitness could have you rethinking your entire approach to your training plan. [Outside Magazine]

• Think your vegetarian friends are the pinnacle of health? Think again. A new study found that, on average, vegetarians are less healthy than meat eaters. [Women’s Health]

• Your coffee ritual is dying for a makeover: how to make the best cup of coffee ever. [Men’s Fitness]

• And then there was the Coachella Diet. Oy. [Well + Good NYC]

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