The Checkup: 8 Ridiculously Smart Ways to Use Up Veggies Before They Go Bad



• I love a good kitchen hack, especially when they help me make good use of produce that might otherwise have found its way into the compost bin. Consult this—a guide to using veggies in out-of-the-box ways—when you get back from the farmers’ market this weekend. [Women’s Health]

• Did you have a bad dream last night? Banish them forever with a happy dreams app. [Prevention]

• A little girl’s vision is saved, thanks to Facebook. No joke. [New York Post]

• Because I know you’re just dyyyying to make your push-ups even harder, try this. [Men’s Health]

• A fiber-loaded PB&J smoothie you have to try. Hey, Katy Perry is a fan. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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