Instacart Now Delivering Wine and Liquor in Philly

Photo via Instacart

Photo via Instacart

Um, I think I just died and went to heaven: As of today, grocery-delivery service Instacart will be offering delivery from none other than the Fine Wine & Good Spirits shops of Philadelphia. Yep, that’s right, folks: You can now have your champagne, wine or Scotch delivered straight to your doorstep. Although, if you’re looking to shed some pounds, you’d be better off with tequila. (More on that here.)

Some of you might remember us talking about Instacart’s launch last month, but if you missed it, here’s a refresher: The delivery service, which launched in Philly in February, offers delivery from an array of stores with the promise that your goods will be at your doorstep in under an hour. They use a network of local personal shoppers to fill your orders and get the goods to your house. Pretty fantastic, huh?

Originally, the company’s delivery options were limited to Whole Foods. But in the past month, they’ve expanded their offerings to include Super Fresh, BJ’s Wholesale Club and, now, Fine Wine & Good Spirits. Allow us to connect the dots: This means you can order some fancy-shmancy fine cheeses from Whole Foods, a nice bottle of pinot noir from the liquor store (because, in the off-chance you’ve forgotten: Wine is good for you.), and BAM: You’ve got a dinner-party worthy spread at your fingertips in less than hour. And you didn’t have to do a single thing. Ah-mazing.

If you’re thinking this service sounds waaay to good to be legal, not to worry: “In recent weeks, we have worked closely with city officials to secure an alcohol-delivery license and train our shoppers,” the company explained in a press release this morning. So, as long as you’re over 21, you’re good to go. And Instacart assures us that teenagers won’t be getting their hands on any bottles through Instacart; shoppers have been through training to avoid any illegal sales of liquor.

To start reaping the benefits of Instacart’s boozy delivery services, just head over to and create an account. Now, if only we’d had this service during those last three Polar Vortexes, am I right?

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