VIDEO: 3 Weird Oatmeal Mix-ins That Are Actually Delicious

BWP Minute LogoI’ve made it no secret on this blog that I am obsessed with oatmeal. Unlike some people, I have no qualms about eating a hot breakfast in the middle of summer, so for me, it’s an easy year-round meal option. And on days when I make a smoothie, I’ve been known to throw in a handful of rolled oats for some extra fiber. (Smoothie pro tip: Just make sure you blend for longer than you think is necessary; it takes patience to pulverize the oats.)

I’ve found that the key to sticking with oatmeal for the long haul is mixing up what you put in it. See, oatmeal is really a blank canvas just begging you to come up with delicious creations. In our latest Be Well Philly Minute video, I share three of my favorite (alas, some have called them weird—I’m looking at you Husband.) oatmeal add-ins that are ridiculously healthy and totally yummy. Check it out!

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