13 Post-Workout Perfumes Philly Fitness Pros Love

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We’ve all been there: You’re basking in the post-workout glow, still dripping with sweat, as you ride the bus or train home from the gym. Then you smell something rancid and think to yourself, “I don’t understand people who don’t wear deodorant,” only to realize that, YIKES, THAT SMELL IS COMING FROM YOU.

On the one hand, this smell is a badge of honor: You’ve sweated your brains out, torched some serious calories, and totally earned it. But on the other hand, well … that stench is nasty, girl.

I’m right there with you on the ridiculously-sweaty-after-the-gym front, so I turned to the pros who I knew would have the scoop on how to cover up post-workout sweat: Philly fitness instructors who literally sweat for a living. I figured, they must do something between classes to freshen up. And guess what? I was right.

I asked local instructors around town to spill it on their go-to scents. Note that almost all of them cautioned against putting on anything too strong: You don’t want the perfume to become as toxic smelling as the sweat, do you? No. They stick to light, clean fragrances that mask B.O. and keep them feeling fresh.

Here, their top 13 post-gym fragrance picks.

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